A crisp lean-bodied Pilsner with just 93 scanty calories.
Light Blonde Beaver
Light Blonde Beaver Brewnette Beaver Big Red Beaver


A delightfully well-rounded Vienna - Style Amber Lager.

Beaver Brewnette is brewed with a combination of high quality domestic 2-row and specialty malts. True to style, Beaver Brewnette is bittered and finished with Noble variety hops. Slowly fermented with lager yeast, it is conditioned for weeks to round the flavors for a toasty malt character. Medium bodied with an off-white, clinging head, Beaver Brewnette satisfies from first taste through its incredibly smooth finish. A pleasure to enjoy, after just a little time together you'll be going steady.

Original Gravity: 12.5
Plato ABV: 5%
IBU: 20
Color: 9.5 SRM